How Do You Feel Chatting About Your Blog?

I just read this helpful blog post from my friend Corey Hinde:

Marketing Your Business – 7 Steps

I vibed with each point but found immense resonance in his step #7: get talking.

Bloggers cannot understand how talking about your blog, business and how to help people is about the most vital step you can take to become a professional blogger. Talking means a little bit of self-promotion but oodles of helping people for free as you listen to their problems and create solutions through your blog content.

Of course, most bloggers feel:

  • awkward
  • nervous
  • ashamed
  • embarrassed
  • generally uncomfortable

talking about their blogs with friends, family and anyone outside of their inner circle, at least as new bloggers. But feeling these emotions simply reflects your fear back to you concerning your lack of blogging clarity.

After facing many blogging-related fears over the years I can talk to a lampshade about my blog and what I do. I literally speak about my blog with anyone who expresses even a mild interest. Why not? Who knows what people may find inspiration or help in what I do? Being shy about discussing my blog reflects my selfishness back to me; my fears of being rejected, criticized or ignored could deprive someone of much-needed inspiration.

I had to face, feel and release blogging-related fears over the years to get clear on talking about my blog. You may need to wade into similar fears to speak about your blog with anyone at any time.

Awkwardness tends to arise in newbie bloggers the moment someone wishes them to talk about what they do. These phrases usually follow:

  • I am just a blogger.
  • I blog. (nothing else shared)
  • I run a blog. (nothing else shared)
  • I blog but it’s not anything interesting.

Fear manifest as doubt, self-consciousness and a general lack of confidence infects the minds of these new bloggers. How can you succeed if you find yourself riddled by fear? How can you confidently teach readers if doubt racks your mind? Being successful means being clear and confident on your blog. Talking about your blog with friends, family and strangers triggers fears that need to go for you to be clear, confident and to position yourself to succeed.

A few awkward conversations with family triggered my first strong blogging fears. Subsequent chats with strangers online and offline allowed me to purge other deep fears. Clearing these fears from my mind influenced me to to talk about my blog seamlessly, freely and effortlessly in casual conversation with anyone, anywhere at any time. Sharing my blog in seamless fashion attracted readers and sales to me.

Networking plays a chief role in becoming a successful blogger. Chatters rise about the blogging herd by:

  • freely sharing their blog post
  • discussing how they can help folks through their blogging niche
  • promoting other bloggers via their networking campaign
  • genuinely commenting on respected blogs from their niche

Be social. Engage fellow bloggers. Talk to folks. Help people. Promote fellow bloggers. Chat about your blog offline. Get comfortable with sharing how you can help folks then follow up by publishing helpful, valuable content solving reader problems.

Talk to more people. Share your blog offline. Give your domain name to interested folks you meet offline. I drop my blog domain name like I breathe because….why would I NOT share it freely? Either people dig my blog and visit it to learn more or folks pass. What do I have to lose except someone who may deeply appreciate what I have to offer?


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