Do You Need to Change Your Strategy or Mindset?

Do you feel frustrated with blogging?

Everyone faces stiff resistance sometimes. Obstacles appear. Traffic seems to slow to a halt. Nothing seems to be happening.

Before considering a strategy change, consider changing your mindset.

I read a comment on Blogging From Paradise a few moments ago. One reader remarked how after blogging for 1 year he felt like quitting sometimes. But my post influenced him to consider changing his mindset to be more patient. In an instant, his urge to quit blogging because nothing seemed to be happening dissolved into an idea to think and feel differently.

Do you need to change blogging strategy? Or do you need to change your mindset? I had a blogging epiphany a few weeks ago. My strategy seemed OK but my mindset needed fine-tuning. Versus guest blogging a little bit and promoting some 50,000 backlinks pointing to Blogging From Paradise I guest blogged more often and ceased promoting backlinks. My strategy shifted some but only a complete mindset overhaul preceded the change.

I changed my mindset, first. Strategy remained relatively constant in most regards but experiencing a shift in thinking precluded my shift in strategy. Facing fears in the ego regarding loss, wasting time and being self-centered egged me to be truly helpful. Sitting with the idea of being truly helpful changed my mind. How would a helpful blogger in my shoes genuinely serve others? Increased guest blogging immediately entered my mind.

Acting on the idea of guest blogging prolifically nudged me to begin guest posting here, on Blog CD and other blogs. Why? Everything changed the moment I changed my mindset.

Change your blogging mindset, first. From there, strategy changes may or may not be necessary. Be with the mind change to observe if a tactic shift needs to be honored. In many cases, you are doing smart, proven blogging things but need to frame the actions in a new, abundant mindset. The commentor I mentioned likely did sound, proven blogging activities but needed to change their mindset by facing fears related to quitting blogging.

Changing your mindset from scarcity to abundance releases fears holding you back to move into love propelling you forward. Plus, you may not change a sound strategy at all with a fresh, abundant mindset, even though you feel differently about your blogging campaign. Change your mindset. Observe whether your tactics need changing or your strategies are smart, proven and dead on, as is.

Changing your blogging mindset changes your world because how you see all changes with renewal of your mind. I formerly saw guest posting as a good way to increase my exposure and helpful people. But changing my mindset helps me see guest blogging as a good way to be truly helpful. I am no longer concerned with trying to serve myself, increase my exposure or boost my eBook sales only because my mindset change dissolved each self-centered fear.

Of course, if increased blogging success finds me as I genuinely help bloggers and readers through guest blogging I appreciate the increase but give little thought to the blogging spoils. Working strategies feels like the reward these days but only because I changed my blogging mind. Before you overhaul any blogging strategy from a dramatic approach, explore deeper into your mind. Maybe you just need to change your mind to see things differently. From there, all blogging actions may appear to be the same but your renewed mind makes for a completely different experience.


Be More Mindful

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Donna Merrill
2 months ago

Hi There and great to see you here.
I firmly believe that everything starts with our mindset. We have to be clear and concise on what we want to achieve. We cannot let that fall to the wayside. Sometimes we have to re-visit why we started this business in the first place. From there measure your growth and keep that mindset strong and healthy.

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