Blogging Takers Vanish

I scanned comments on Blogging From Paradise a few moments ago.

Another 7 bloggers dropped spam comments into the spam and trash folders. Per usual, the commentors posted generic comments not related to the post, ending in a link pointing to their business. Some spammers even mentioned their business in detail before dropping the spam comment. Others published 20 paragraphs of asinine drivel making no sense except to the mind of an addled, tortured soul.

Each blogger is a taker. Blogger takers attempt to take blog traffic without giving anything of genuine value. Spam comments seem designed to get business attention but said comments give nothing valuable to bloggers and their readers. Even if spammers dropped 50,000 comments daily virtually all comments fall into spam or trash folders. No reader sees trash or spam folders, meaning no one reads any of those 50,000 comments.

Even if 50 comments slid past spam filters no sane reader would click links associated with spam comments. Readers crave value. Spam comments yield no value. Readers do not click through to visit links dropped by spam commentors.

Blogger takers vanish. Anyone attempting to take traffic and profits through manipulative methods soon disappears from blogging. Takers never succeed. Intelligent takers quit blogging sooner than later. Fools attempt to spam for years but eventually disappear because one fails only so long before understanding that failing strategies never work. Even though some spammers acquire wisdom to change their ways most never learn their lesson and quit.

Takers come in many forms. Some blogging takers demand something in return for everything offered. Expecting something from someone for every interaction repels bloggers who tire of being used, manipulated or seen as some gateway to greater blogging success. Generous bloggers – aka blogging givers – move higher in blogging circles by earning the trust of top-notch pro bloggers. Takers never move into higher circles because expecting something from every blogger you engage never earns you the trust you need.

Apurva graciously invited me to guest post on her blog. She gave me the opportunity to guest post on Blogging Front. I accepted her offer to generously help you rocking readers without any strings attached. I do not try to get anything from each guest post because I intend to be truly helpful. I do not demand payment, a specific number of links or some deep promotional scheme in order to guest post here. I gratefully relish the opportunity to help you by giving of my time and talent. Establishing this level of detachment built my blogging network, grew my traffic and expanded my presence.

Spot the Warning Signs

Stop being a blogging taker.

Spot these warning signs:

  • demanding a list of requirements for any and all blogging engagements with fellow bloggers
  • helping conditionally or not at all
  • spamming comments on social media and other blogs

I came across one blogger on a Facebook Group recently who spam commented his blog in reply to a high volume of blog posts shared on the Group. Roughly 10 bloggers posted updates pointing to their latest blog post. He posted a comment in response to each post pointing to his blog versus dropping a genuine comment discussing the post. He has been spamming in this fashion for years. Almost everyone ignores him because he tries to take traffic without giving anything of value.

He could spam comment for the next 50 years and no one would visit his blog because people ignore blogging takers.

Stop trying to take.

Give value. Be genuinely helpful. Succeed by giving something valuable every single day of your blogging career.

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[…] Top bloggers prove that being generous paves the way for a professional blogging career. Does any high level pro spam comment 1000 blogs for 10 hours daily? Pros try not to take. Pros give 10 hours daily to helping people by solving their problems. Follow the pro way persistently to experience professional results. Give freely to position yourself to be a full time blogger. Give to give. Allow takers to disappear into obscurity. […]

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