Did You Earn the Right to Gain Blogging Backlinks?

Blogging backlinks are gifts earned through steady, consistent, generous service. No sane blogger gives out backlinks like offering candy to a baby because no sane blogger builds their blogging business on less than reputable, untrusted links. Apurva offered me a guest blogging opportunity because she appreciates my blogging skills. I earned these blogging skills over … Read more

Do You Focus on Blog Links or Love?

heart, card, pastels-762564.jpg

I recall the days I published 60 posts daily to 2 blogs. I focused heavily on blog links. Publishing and promoting as many links as possible would create stunning blogging success in my beginner, ego mind. Publishing millions of links simply netted millions in the not too distance future…..or so I thought. Eventually, I realized … Read more

Did You Give Freely Today?

Being truly helpful is the foundation of being a professional blogger. The more you give the more you get. But the getting part is delayed. Plus you need not think about getting. Focus on giving. Be helpful. Getting cares for itself because we are connected. Giving is getting, if you think deeply about this simple … Read more

Do You Add Links to the Blogging Chain Daily?

Picture this analogy. Each blogger you bond with is one link on the blogging chain. Adding one link to the chain daily increases your blogger buddy network. Increasing the size and scale of your blogger buddy network accelerates your blogging success. Imagine the blogging chain growing in size, being laid out in circular fashion. Picture … Read more

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