What Blogging Activities Have You Outgrown?

Every 3-6 months I like to build a list of blogging activities I need to let go.

Fundamentals stick around forever; creating and networking always play a key role in my blogging campaign.

Really, the list itself is no big deal; I simply see what no longer feels good to make room for what feels good, fun, freeing and beneficial. In late January of 2021 I let go guest posting 3-5 times daily every single day. Perhaps you noticed I’d been scarce around that period of time. Officially, I outgrew this prolific guest posting schedule for various reasons but it pretty much seemed to be a lesson in directing my energy.

I forced, strained and strived my way to publishing 5 guest posts daily until I reached my tipping point. What began as fun, freeing and helpful to you turned into an ego game. Even though my guest posts seemed to be helping people the ambitious schedule did not help me. I did not so much look for benefits but guest posting felt like work, a chore or flat out the opposite of what I teach; follow your blogging fun.

Fast forward to today. After roughly 3-4 months of no guest posting I dove back into Blogging Front under a month ago. I outgrew optimizing my blog posts for SEO. Writing 2000 word posts no longer felt fun or beneficial to readers. My community even though me although the long-form posts rocked most folks preferred me mixing in 600 to 800 word blog posts, peppering in helpful, short-form content easy to read, digest and use.

I felt a nudge to let go SEO-optimizing to make room for writing short, sweet blog posts and guest posts about one month ago. I never looked back. But who knows? Perhaps I will let go my current strategy to adopt a new, fun-feeling blogging approach. Time will tell.

What blogging approach do you need to let go? What did you already outgrow. Bloggers often love engaging in a genuine blog commenting campaign but following this ritual feels exhausting after years of being a diligent blog commentor. Bloggers sometimes quit blogging all together for their blog commenting burnout taxing their blogging spirit. I let go commenting years ago from a 5 paragraph, in-depth comment perspective because I had to release commenting to make room for guest posting.

No blogger can be the blogger they intend to be by holding on to long worn out activities begging to be released. Do you need to let go some aspect of your blogging campaign? Maybe you feel tired of SEO-optimizing every single blog post. Perhaps writing short-form content feels beneficial to your readers right now. Writing short-form content may feel enjoyable to you, too, versus publishing a detailed, 3000 word post that felt quite cumbersome to create.

Beware; letting go old activities feels scary to your ego. Do not identify with the activity. Being called the King of Blog Commenting or the Queen of Guest Posting does not mean commenting or guest posting formed the basis of your blogging success. You did that. You are the foundation of your success.

Stop wasting time forcing success through channels burdensome to your mind. Let go what you outgrew years, months or even weeks ago. Be nimble. Be open to podcasting. Start broadcasting live daily or weekly. Write and self-publish an eBook. In most cases, making these clear moves involves releasing a worn out activity. Let go a thorough blog commenting campaign to make room for guest posting. Trash the podcast. Make room for creating audio books.

Begin your passive income campaign in earnest by ditching your consulting campaign. Stop coaching; create and sell online courses. Keep an eye on passive blogging income. Move in a freeing direction for you.

Lisa Sicard has gradually moved in a more passive income direction over the prior year. She and I chatted about how to make the jump to better complement her lifestyle. Like me, she wants to enjoy more time offline. Making the gradual shift from running a consulting business to establishing passive income streams is one such way to free up time offline.

Again; letting go what feels familiar, stable and secure often triggers fear in the mind. But wading through uncomfortable emotions is the direct way to letting go in order to grow as a blogger and human being.

2 thoughts on “What Blogging Activities Have You Outgrown?”

  1. Hi Ryan, great topic! What we used to do yesterday may no longer work today. I find I’m sharing less on social media these days and doing more commenting and staying on the blogs vs. the rented space. I’m also focusing on writing more as well.
    I loved the online course I created and still make money from as well as my affiliate income which I’m working on more these days too.
    So your tips in this one are fabulous. We can’t keep on doing the same things and expecting a different result – I think that’s the definition of insanity.

    • That is the definition of insanity Lisa. I too engage less on social media and more through blogs because we own these pieces of cyber real estate and set the rules here, too. I see this as being a stable way to grow your business online versus using the rented, unstable medium of social media.


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